Our live album "The Last Beard" is out now. This is a blistering live set from the Court Tavern in 2016.


The World Tour continues, thanks to everyone who came out to John and Peter's 2/9/24.


Dinosaur Eyelids featured in "Still Drinkin' & Smokin', Rockin' & Rollin': An Oral History of John & Peter’s" by Amy Yates Wuelfing



New Brunswick Today features In-depth Interview with Evan:

"Dinosaur Eyelids is a hard-rock outfit formed in New Brunswick in 2009. They lived two blocks from the Court Tavern and made it their performance hub and practice space, catching the tail end of Bobby Albert’s ownership of the club. This year Dinosaur Eyelids released the full length album “The Last Beard,” recorded live at the Court Tavern in 2016. Music reporter Bennett Kelly spoke with singer and guitarist Evan Staats by phone in June…” (July 14, 2023)


New Jersey Stage praises The LIDS' new live rock and roll album:

"I spent a lot of time at The Court Tavern, seeing a lot of amazing local bands, among them, Dinosaur Eyelids. Their latest release, "The Last Beard: Dinosaur Eyelids Live at the Court Tavern", is a 2016 concert from the, sadly, now demolished venue. This is a high quality live recording from this venerable alt-grunge-hard rock band, that showcases why I've seen them live so many times."- Lazlo, New Jersey Stage, BlowUpRadio.com (April 18, 2023)


March 28, 2023

We're excited to announce the release of “The Last Beard: Dinosaur Eyelids Live at the Court Tavern.” This is a blistering 2016 live recording from the most infamous basement in rock in roll. 

 Now available on Spotify and Apple Music.



August 14, 2022

WRAT 95.9 selects "Munchausen by Proxy" as the Jersey Rock video of the week! "Dinosaur Eyelids’ latest single “Munchausen By Proxy” is a catchy, driving track that stays in your ears...We love their attitude and we love their sound."  

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