"Many groups have claimed to be rock and roll, and while they undoubtedly were, very few can exemplify the scene's various monumental sounds successfully in one album. This New Brunswick, New Jersey-based band has set the bar high for themselves, but with a raw talent like theirs, blowing away expectations seems like something they're used to." - Dean Scordilis, The Aquarian Weekly 

"Dinosaur Eyelids, a propulsive outfit blending hard-rock, punk and psychedelia is one of the New Brunswick local scene's strongest acts." -Bobby Olivier,

"Through fuzzed out guitars, grunge rock inspired elements, and a bit of 70’s Rock swagger, Dinosaur Eyelids will have you rushing the stage to get a piece or to offer a pitcher or two after their set. While Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Fu Manchu and local heroes Mr. Payday each come to mind, all comparisons aside, it’s quite evident that D.E. are on their own trip." -

"You guys are great." 
-Dean Ween 

"Delivering heavy but melodic and heartfelt rock & roll in the tradition of the alternative rock boom of the '90s." 
- Mark Deming, 

Sticker Famous (2020)

"On the recently released Sticker Famous, the ‘Lids breathe new life into the much-maligned genre of stoner rock, with Patrick McKnight’s fierce wah-wah’d guitar solos and Evan Staat’s soulful, wailing vocals. Part Monster Magnet, part Soundgarden, and all rock ‘n’ roll, the band delivers classic Zep swagger on “Never Gonna Be Your Man,” deft indie-rock on the clever “Munchausen by Proxy,” and droll punk crunch on “Dead Celebrities.” If you’re looking for something a bit retro but nonetheless heavy and hard, give this a listen." - Jim Testa,

"Will their sixth release be the charm for New Brunswick’s Dinosaur Eyelids? They certainly deserve it. Dinosaur Eyelids continue to play a brash brand of do-it-yourself indie rock that has been compared to everyone from Nirvana, Blind Melon, Soundgarden, The Pixies, Mudhoney, and Neil Young. In other words, this pure rock ‘n’ roll band is original. Check out such Sticker Famous tracks as “Shake,” “Nogward Spiral,” and the not safe to broadcast at work “Shot to Shit” for proof." - Vinny Cecolini, The Aquarian 

"Featuring a hard rock and garage edge and appeal that completely knocks the listener on their ass, the album showcases a heavy guitar sound, rhythmic twists, and varied vocal range. Though Dinosaur Eyelids are cooking up their very own snake oil, comparing or likening them to greats such as Fu Manchu, Hot Snakes, and New Jersey's own Rye Coalition seem accurate. As I finish my review and try to nail down the recording's 'absolute halcyon moments, whether I’m being reminded of the Foo Fighters best days on “Shake” or “Never Leaving Here,” the fiery guitars featured within “Never Gonna be your Woman” or on songs such as, “Nogward Spiral” and “Shot to Shit” Owhere the vocal range seems to be channeling that of Chris Cornell,) I found Sticker Famous to be an incredible rock album. One that delivers on all cylinders." - James Damion, Jersey Beat

"If you’re looking for a loud, driving, energetic Rock show, then you need to see Dinosaur Eyelids.  Like the mighty thunder lizards that once roamed the earth, Dinosaur Eyelids dominates the stage with their powerful brand of Rock and explosive performance style...“Sticker Famous” takes it to the audience with 11 high octane tracks that will make the listener feel as though he or she is in the middle of a crowd somewhere on the New Brunswick music scene.  If you miss the live, local concert experience this is the album to crank. The band gets bonus points for the clever title.  Dinosaur Eyelids is literally “Sticker Famous.” Just look around the Jersey Rock scene and you will no doubt see many of their rectangular stickers, many of which read “We May Never Be Rich But We Will Always Be Loud.”  The new album is rich in loudness." - Jersey Rock, WRAT 95.9FM

"The album Sticker Famous is a grungy joy, with hooks, looks, yelps and lots of distorted rock god gee-tar. You'll dig it." - Chris Jordan, Asbury Park Press

“'Shake,' an exciting rager that could make a dead man dance while making a stoner smile....'Shake' may be their best song...I congratulate this band on still rocking out six years later...which is an impressive feat in today’s fickle, fleeting world of indie rock." - Bob Makin, Makin Waves

"'Sticker Famous' features eleven tracks, beginning with the dark, raw, grunge tone of "Shake" and "Nogward Spiral." They display their punk side with the high-energy attack of "Never Gonna Be Your Woman," which draws upon elements of The Stooges and that seventies punk vibe. The pounding rhythm of "Faded" becomes very addictive, while "Munchausen By Proxy" is soaked in all its nineties alternative-rock/grunge glory. Dinosaur Eyelids close out their new album with the intense, simple, short aggressive feel of "Dead Celebrities" and the raw, guitar buzz of "Shot To Shit."" - JP's Music Blog


Left Turn on Red (2017)

"Dinosaur Eyelids waste no time in kicking you right in the ass from the word go on their latest album, Left Turn On Red. “Day Zero”, the crushing, anthemic banger that kicks off the eleven song set erupts right before your ears. Grooving riffs soaked in a sea of fuzz and dirt pulsate over an absolutely swinging rhythm section. The track’s opening line, “I was on fire….” plays off like a declaration statement- because make no mistake about it- Dinosaur Eyelids are on fire from that opening line all the way through the close of the album. And we couldn’t be more excited about it!" - Joe Hughes, Alternative Nation

"On Left Turn on Red, the band’s 5th album to date, New Brunswick’s Dinosaur Eyelids continue to grow while sticking to their D.I.Y. rock roots. Having carved out their own niche through semi local gigs and somewhat regular rotation at local college radio stations, these five New Jersey rockers show no signs of slowing down or selling out to make holiday jingles for Walmart. Through fuzzed out guitars, grunge rock inspired elements, and a bit of 70’s Rock swagger, Dinosaur Eyelids will have you rushing the stage to get a piece or to offer a pitcher or two after their set. While Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Fu Manchu and local heroes Mr. Payday each come to mind, all comparisons aside, it’s quite evident that D.E. are on their own trip. Left Turn on Red and its groove-heavy eleven tracks shape up to be one of this year’s best and biggest “Year Ending” specials. Mentioning or referring to any one song would only take away from the fact that Left Turn on Red should be listened to in its entirety while wearing sunglasses and riding a motorcycle. Any band that lists Turkey Lamps in the “Interests” section of their band page deserves my attention, admiration and perhaps, closer interrogation on your part. Listen, own it, wash with it." - James Damion, Jersey Beat

"My boys from Dinosaur Eyelids drop a new CD this Friday (11/24) called Left Turn on Red, which everyone knows is illegal to do. Well, it should be illegal to have music this good! This might be the best I’ve heard Dinosaur Eyelids yet. Songs like “Day Zero” and “Into The Woods” were more rifftastic than I’ve ever heard the band, while “LA Lady” seemed to be a more sentimental side of the band. Left Turn on Red was definitely a great listen. " - Tim Louie, The Aquarian

"Dinosaur Eyelids is back with their 5th studio album. Left Turn On Red is a follow-up to 2014’s acclaimed Bypass To Nowhere. The 11-track release is a great addition to the group’s already impressive catalog. Left Turn On Red channels life experience, real emotion and a lot of energy to produce a substantive LP that is loud even with the volume turned all the way down. Turning down the volume, however, is not recommended as the disc’s nature demands maximum volume and a basement full of rock enthusiasts." - WRAT 95.9, Jersey Rock

"There is a stirring at the legendary Court Tavern in New Brunswick, with new management stepping in. So it’s fitting that Dinosaur Eyelids, a city band that’s been around since 2009, are gaining notice as of late. Their sound recalls the Court’s classic sludgy-rock sound of the ‘90s Nudeswirl-era. The guys have a new record out, Left Turn on Red, and they’ve stickered every telephone pole from Brunswick to Hopewell, it seems. That’s dedication." - Chris Jordan, Asbury Park Press

"Dinosaur Eyelids have been one of the most revered rock n roll bands in the New Jersey music scene since their formation in 2009. The bands goes about things in a true DIY way and have no released 5 albums. The advise that their musical influences range from Soundgarden to The Replacements to Ween. That is certainly a vast area of influence but so is this bands style and sound. It seems that about anything they set out to conquer they are able to do in stride. With around 100 shows under their belt Dinosaur Eyelids is not only refining their sound in the studio but on the stage as well. Their 2014 album Bypass To Nowhere debuted at #1 on WRSU Rutgers Radio and their material has been played on 180 college radio stations across North America. They are like a mixture of Nirvana and Neil Young that creates heartbreaking love songs that sink you to lows and also life stories that uplift you. Dinosaur Eyelids is like the pendulum of life told through rock n roll. Make sure you are seated because this album is a rocker." -

"With Left Turn on Red, the band cover the full emotional spectrum ranging from feverish indie rock to beautiful folky ballads and Evan Staats leads the musical charge with a powerful voice overflowing with passion." -

"At times the group really reminds me of that great 90’s grungy garage band rock. It’s fucking loud and outstanding to boot. I want to have them over in my backyard and keep the neighbors up until 4AM. If I had to describe their music to someone who may know comparable music I would say Dinosaur Eyelids are a great mixture of Stone Temple Pilots fronted by Blind Melon’s Shannon Hoon. There are two outstanding tracks which stand out from the rest. The breadwinner of the album is a track called L.A. Lady which is a bit slower when compared to the rest of the album. The song is simply phenom and the group almost sound Zeppelinesque in their delivery." -

"Left Turn On Red has hard and biting songs that shows not only the bands energy, but also their ear for writing great songs. Opening with “Day Zero”, front man Evan Staats is a musician who can compete with the big names that are an influence on the bands edgy sound, such as The Replacements, Soundgarden, Ween, and Black Sabbath." -

“Basilone Bridge” is a hard rocking track that blends bluesy guitar riffs with a heavy metal backbone. The wide range of the vocals add a mystique and tone reminiscent of 90s grunge with a melodic engine driving it along. The shift in tone from crunchy stoner rock groove to upbeat punk keeps the song moving and perfectly frames the instrumental breaks and guitar solos. 100% guarantee that this song will blow the roof off of any rock club." -

"Left Turn On Red doesn't stray wildly from the rock path but the songs certainly feel well crafted and filled with passion. "Day Zero" is a crunchy, weighty track that begins on Evan Staats' gravelly voice ringing out in the silence, channelling Chris Cornell - and more his Audioslave project than the aforementioned Soundgarden - before the guitars kick into gear and bring the song to life." -

“L.A. Lady” is an infectious mid-tempo number that would fit right into a playlist with tracks by the Faces and the 1970s-era Stones. Then there’s the harmonica-spiced “Whiskey,” an acoustic drinking ballad; “No Money Blues,” a likably anachronistic folk-rocker; and “More Than Nothing,” which boasts head-turning guitar work."

"Left Turn on Red, which is already charting on college radio, was recorded at Amwell Studios by producer Mark Leone, and was mastered by Gene Freeman (aka Machine), who is best known for producing groups including Clutch, Fall Out Boy, and Cobra Starship. The band worked in the studio with musical mentor Ed Wilson, who has helped artists including Ween and Chris Harford. The first single from Left Turn on Red is "Basilone Bridge". McKnight describes the infectious track as "a messed-up love song about a fallen angel living under a bridge. The title comes from an actual bridge over the Raritan River honoring WWII hero John Basilone. The pounding drums, wailing guitar, and searing vocals set the tone for other high-volume album tracks such as 'Day Zero' and 'Into the Woods.'" -

"This album, Left Turn On Red has a new age alternative hard rock/metal vibes. Harmonica is used in a few of the songs adding a midwestern sound, taking away from the metal feel. Overall, this is a great CD." - WGLS 89.7 Rowan Radio

"The band has now released a video from the album titled “Day Zero”. The video captures the bands live performance and “Day Zero” is one of the stand out tracks on the album. It showcases their true rock n roll sound and has those gritty sing along vocals the band is known for." -

"They’re still not rich, but they are very, very loud. Dinosaur Eyelids continues to pound their thunderous sound and they show absolutely no signs of slowing down.  The band’s latest album Left Turn On Red is full of booming Hard Rock tunes. It has received national attention, landing at #50 on the North American College Radio charts back in November." - WRAT 95.9, Jersey Rock

"New Brunswick-based Dinosaur Eyelids pay tribute to their Somerset County roots on their forthcoming album, Left Turn on Red, which hits college radio nationwide on Sept. 26. In addition to the sweltering grunge of “Basilone Bridge” that’s streaming above and named for Raritan Borough World War II hero John Basilone, there’s “Neshanic,” inspired by a section of Branchburg and “Sourland Wind,” a nod to the region in which they were raised in Montgomery and record at Amwell Studios in Hillsborough. Members of the band are part of the historic Staats family, which has lived in the Sourlands for hundreds of years." -

"This is the band first new album in three years and they kick off their new 11-song release with a couple of indie-grunge burners "Day Zero" and "Into The Woods" as down-tuned guitars and raw rock drumming showcase the band's signature sound. They continue to blaze a path with the garage-rock appeal of "Basilone Bridge" and the sonic college rock radio gem "Neshanic." -

"McKnight jokes, 'We may not be profitable, but we are prolific. We may never be rich, but we will always be loud. We're not sure where we fit into the modern music scene, or even if we fit in anywhere at all', he explains. 'That's not what we really care about. We don't make dance music or play synthesizers. We play loud rock and roll music and believe in alternative rock as a genre. We want to make something authentic for kids to listen to in basements and garages across America.' Left Turn on Red is just such a record." -

"Dinosaur Eyelids is really two bands in one. There is the passionate grunge band for which lead guitarist Patrick McKnight writes. Then there is the well-founded roots-rock band that has vocalist-guitarist Evan Staats as its main composer but to which McKnight also contributes." - Bob Makin,


Bypass to Nowhere (2014)

"Some may say alternative music is defined by attitude and Dinosaur Eyelids' snappy verses followed by crunching riffs is quite clearly one that exerts a tasteful amount of angst and energy. They recently released their fourth album, Bypass to Nowhere, a melting pot of 90's grunge and modern rock that make up the diverse array of twelve hard-hitting tracks." 
- Riley Rowe, Alternative Nation 

"House favorites at The Court Tavern, the band has a reputation for roof dropping live performances. Their latest release "Bypass to Nowhere" is a powerful collection of great rock tunes presented with the right amount of rawness and heartfelt conviction. It is the fourth release from this 100% DIY band. The album closes with a real standout for me, the eight minute Jazz/Rock fused 'World on Fire' it shows off the breadth and scope of this band." 
- Popa's Tunes 

"A mind blowing adventure begins in New Brunswick, New Jersey from an independent alternative rock quartet named Dinosaur Eyelids. Dinosaur Eyelids sings emotionally intense alternative rock songs about life, love, and heartache while sounding similar to Nirvana and Neil Young with their soulful vocals and thunderous alternative rock melodies that will make one's senses tingle and eardrums throb." 
- Leslie Snyder, 

"They have elements of jangle pop, metal and even folk in the mix which yields an interesting element to their music. They recently released their 4th album, Bypass to Nowhere, and it is a perfect blend of all the elements listed above. Seven minute opus "World of Fire" closes the album and might be my favorite on the record. The drumming of Mark Leone is really upfront in the mix here and sounds great. At about the 3:00 minute mark the fun really starts and things begin to get trippy. Cue the jazz as horns come in the mix. What? Is this the same song? Is this even the same group? Yes indeed. You really must listen and experience this yourself. All of sudden the song shifts again to a harder edged rock. This is basically 3 songs in one and I think it is pretty awesome." 
- Ed Magdziak, 

"Dinosaur Eyelids have brought together a collection of songs that are excellent to listen to, whether it be rock, blues, indie, grunge or a retro style from the band, and 'Bypass To Nowhere' will stay a favourite for a long time to come." 

"New Brunswick, NJ's Dinosaur Eyelids offer up some diverse, yet familiar, sounds on their latest album. Bypass To Nowhere, their fourth, is a stellar slab of classic rock, grunge, and just some fun '90's nostalgia at times that'll have rock fans on their feet and clamoring for more....If you haven't heard of Dinosaur Eyelids before now then Bypass To Nowhere is the perfect introduction." 

"With a bit of a grungy and progressive sound, Dinosaur Eyelids are excellent songwriters with many tracks that can take you on a journey. “The LIDS” have opened for Parlor Mob and shared the stage with Dean Ween of Ween and have earned a reputation for their aggressive live performances."  -Jeremy Neugebauer, Alternative Nation

"Bypass to Nowhere gets straight to rocking in the rather short (just under two minutes) introductory song Talkin' To Me. The song shows signs of Soundgarden-esque grunge mixed with a little Foo Fighters but then instantly after this (unfortunately) short song Dinosaur Eyelids turn things down quite significantly with Nowhere Fast. Like Talkin' To Me, Nowhere fast has a grunge, or at least a 90s sound to it, and I can't help but love just about everything about it. The take-it-easy attitude behind the music and the vocal melodies is unlike much of what I've heard modern bands do....Dinosaur Eyelids are not to be messed with." 
- Rock Review Phil 


Conflagration (2012)

"This band is at its best when it’s gunning for raw power. The persistent riff in “Valis,” as well as its chorus, nails the sort of vibe you’d get from, say, Nirvana in loud mode, but with chopsy guitar licks chuting down a wah-wah Slip ‘N Slide—there are plenty of gutsy instances like this which really demand a live setting. The catch-all lyrical moment probably occurs in the first 30 seconds of the whole album (“Only a fool believes that a good thing can last”), stated unsentimentally and plain, before a glorious cacophony of dirty chords and slick tapping introduces the band’s mojo. That song unexpectedly arrives at the first of a few clean-guitar passages on the record that are imaginative and quite beautiful." 
-Darryl Norrell, The Aquarian 

"Another masterstroke by this band is following “Tomb” with “Song to a Girl”, whose loud/quiet dynamic is heavy on Sabbath bombast compliments of bassist Scott Staats and drummer Rich Eick, both of whom are allowed to flex a little muscle. For those of a certain age, the luminous “Hemophiliac” sounds as if it was left off of In Uetero with it’s abrasive guitar riff and pained vocals, while “Kill Your Idols” may be the best of the bunch; a thunderous, sludgy, head-on collision of a song...this disc is tremendous, and I would love to see this band live." 
-Rich Quinlan, JerseyBeat 

“Purely they are unstoppable. More like Soundgarden back in their day. I would say Soundgarden are their most direct influences are as you can hear many similarities between the two bands. Loud passionate riffs with great vocals to match. Dinosaur Eyelids add some of the current day social politics to their music to comment on what many people are feeling in the world. And in truth, it gives the band an extra layer of humanity you won’t see in most bands today. But the order of play today is riffs, riffs and even more riffs. Even when some of their songs start in a slight country rock mood, the album quickly springs into life. When the Grunge / Stoner Rock riff comes out of nowhere to get your heart pumping in no time at all. Dinosaur Eyelids are band with a great reputation and it is not hard to see why. They have written a strong collection of hard rocking tracks that will grab the attention of the most jaded of rock fans.They have released an excellent album with too many great songs to mention. The production is fantastic as you can hear every lean and mean crunching second of this great album.This is an album I have no hesitation in recommending to any concerning Alt Rock / Grunge / Stoner Rock fan. If you have not heard of these great rockers like myself then this album is a brilliant place to start. Superb and highly recommended.” 

“They seem to grow as musicians on each trip to the studio. Giving birth to a nice and tidy slab of rock. "Conflagration", which according to Wikipedia is an uncontrolled burning that threatens human life, animal life, health, or property. Seems like a fitting title for this album. It borders on complete chaos, and at the same time retains an almost tranquil and melancholy vibe throughout. I think "Conflagration" will and should light some fires under many Rock 'n Roll addicts.” 

“Conflagration, the band’s third full-length, is worthy of such a malevolent title. Evan Staats, a brazen vocalist, who treats his record collection as an extension of personal politics, hasn’t lost any of his intensity; telling the listener to “kill your idols,” to a backdrop of powerful, grunge-like riffage. Like a ‘90s trio who got caught in a zeitgeist whirlwind, Conflagration is a manifestation of emotions: The maniacal and melodic contrasts add complexity and depth.” 
-Chybucca Sounds (UK)


Down a River (2011)

I had thought that the old-school American power pop/punk/metal sound was dead and posthumously consumed by emo pop punk, but Dinosaur Eyelids have proven me wrong with this solid release...This is a band that puts their arms around their inspirations, yet produce something completely unpredictable! Bottom line, buy “Down a River” by Dinosaur Eyelids, than see the band live! 
-Phil Rainone, Jersey Beat 

"...chock full of distortion and in your face vocals and drums. “Maelstrom of Malevolence” is the first track on the album and, like a lot of the album, has a 70’s Black Sabbath feel with Evan Staats’ vocals sounding like a mix of Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell (Cornell’s Soundgarden days of course)...“Down A River” is a great example of what alternative rock should sound like." 
-Jersey Rock Review 

"...'Down a River' wails with gritty guitar riffs, accompanied by subtle yet engaging rhythms. Songs like '…And the Gods Made War' and 'Further Down a River' exemplify the band's undying energy that is put forth in their music. 
But don't underestimate Dinosaur Eyelids diversity — tracks such as 'Conditionals' and 'Across the Sea' add a tranquil vibe to the album's entirety. "Across the Sea" creeps into a suave state as lead singer Staats croons, "so now I'm drifting across the sea/and where I drift to don't mean much to me." The song truly makes listeners feel as though they are drifting across the sea, which heeds much praise toward the fabulous songwriting. All of the tracks on the album contain deeply heartfelt lyrics that can be accredited to Staat's poetic nature. Dinosaur Eyelids have struck a chord on displaying their imminent talent with 'Down a River'. Playing gigs ranging from local hot spot, the Court Tavern to Fontana's in New York City..." 
-Emily Gabriele, Rutgers Targum. 

"Exploding into life with the nihilistic despair of ‘Maelstrom of Malevolence’ Evan Staats’ passionate angst-ridden wails, acts as a riling cry to the social-networking generation to log-off and make a stand against government-controlled news media – an anthem for change." 
-Chybucca Sounds (UK) 

"If you love all things desert stoner with a hint of alt college garage grunge tint and a dollop of surf you’re in the right place.  Despite the unpredictable, devious attitude that lingers in their sound, Dinosaur Eyelids demonstrates a maturity and focus in their song craft when it comes to knowing themselves, their sound and where they want to roll (so to speak) with it.  Their bio reads “their sound is like the Replacements being molested by Soundgarden”.  More like Weezer getting schooled by Nirvana." 
-The Ripple Effect

"The album kicks off with the great song Maelstrom Of Malevolence. This album sounds very good. It is well produced. All instruments sound outstanding and are in good balance. The singer does like on the first album a great job. This guy is blessed with a fantastic voice." 
-Stoner Rock is Here to Stay (The Netherlands) 


Winter Solstice (2009)

“This is fuzzy, heavy rock n’ top pick song for this album is the last song, Waves. I love this album, and I’m sure this band is going to make some heads turn.” 
-Sludge Swamp 

“You can’t get any more alternative rock than these guys.” 
-Tim Louie, East Coast Rocker 

"...these guys from New Jersey have something good going and have a full promising music career ahead of them." 
-Bill Goodman, The Soda Shop